[Grammar] ~ㄴ/는/다고 보다, (이)라고 보다

~ㄴ/는/다고 보다, (이)라고 보다 (~eun/neun/da-go bo-da, (i)-ra-go bo-da) – I feel…/I think…

This is essentially quite similar to ~(은/ㄴ & 을/ㄹ)것 같다, but slightly more formal.

When you’re either talking in a formal setting or about a serious issue, you would use ~ㄴ/는/다고 보다, (이)라고 보다 instead.

Some examples would include talking about information, statistics, or even talking about your opinion in an interview or a business conversation.

Examples: 흡연은 건강에 좋지 않고 가족들과 옆에 있는 사람들에게 문제 되는다고 본다.
I feel/think that smoking is bad for health and a problem to one’s family and the people around.

한국 사람들은 정이 많은 사람이라고 본다.
I feel/think that Koreans are people with a lot of emotions.

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