[Grammar] ~네

~네 (~ne) – (just come to realise)

When you want express your surprise, shock or realisation of something, you can add ~네 at the end.

네 by itself means “yes”, but when you attach ~네 at the end of a sentence, a verb or adjective stem, it would kind of mean that it’s your first time seeing, hearing or realising something.

Example: 아까 하늘이 너무 맑은데 지금 비가 오네.
Just a while ago, the sky was really bright and sunny but (I just come to realise that) it’s raining now.


  1. hi~ could you please give a bit more examples? Not a lot. Just a few more.

  2. […] This grammar particle is almost always only attached to express the speaker’s (first person’s) experience, quite similar to [Grammar] ~네. […]

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