[Grammar] ~대로

~대로 (dae-ro) – as one (experienced as)

This particle has been introduced in [Grammar] ~는 대로 but in conjunction with others.

So I just wanted to talk about this particle to show how it can be attached to any verb to mean “as I (verb)”.

In most cases, 대로 is usually used in conjunction with “think” or “expect”.

“As I thought…” “As I expected…” “As I saw…”


우리 생각한/생각했던 대로 그 배우가 유명해져서 지금 여러 가지 화보에서도 나오네.
As we thought, that actor became famous and is even now appearing in many types of commercials.

기대한/기대했던 대로 우리 형이 좋아했던 여자가 성격이 나빠.
Just as I expected, the lady that our elder brother liked has a bad personality.

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