[Grammar] ~은/ㄴ 탓에; ~는 탓에

~은/ㄴ 탓에; ~는 탓에 – because (this happened)/thanks to (negative)

The easiest way to look at this grammar particle is to see it as the same as 해서 or 때문이다 or 니까.

But almost always, this grammar particle is accompanied by negativity.

Koreans seldom use this for positivity; they would use 덕분에 instead.


어제는 비가 많이 온 탓에 집으로 나갈 수 없고 너무 추웠어.
Because it rained a lot yesterday, I couldn’t get out of my house and it was really cold.

지난 번에 방문한 식당 비위생적인 음식인 탓에 3일 동안 배탈이 났다.
Because of the unhygienic food at the restaurant we visited the last time, I had 3 days of stomach upset.

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