[Grammar] 조차

조차 (jo-cha) – (not) even

This particle is quite similar to ~도 but 조차 can only be used in conjunction with negation.

조차 is almost always attached only to nouns.

Also, you would have to add negatory particles like 없다, ~지 않다, 안, 못 하다.

Alternatively, you can add adjectives or verbs that have negative meanings like 죽겠다, 힘들다, 자쯩나다, 귀찮다.


우리 싸운 후에부터 내 얼굴조차 본 적이 없어.
Since we fought, he did not even look at my face once.

나는 여기서 산 지 10년이 되었지만 그 남자가 나한테 인사하는 것조차 없어.
I’ve lived here for 10 years but that man did not even greeted me at all.

그 학생은 시험마다 공부조차 하지 않은데 성적표가 진짜 대단하네.
That student did not even study for every test but her school records are really amazing.

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