[Vocabulary] 간혹

간혹 (gan-ok) – once in a while/occasionally

간혹 and 가끔 have essentially identical meanings and both are adverbs so you can use them interchangeably.

However, I would prefer to use 가끔 in speech because it’s much more common and easier for everyone to understand.


난 공부하려면 보통 도서관으로 가는데 간혹 스타벅스에 커피를 한잔 하면서 공부해도 있지.
If I want to study, I would usually go to the library but I would occasionally go to Starbucksto drink a cup of coffee while studying too.

한국 음식은 떡볶이를 가장 좋아하는데 간혹 먹는 편이야.
My favourite Korean food is spicy rice cakes but I only eat it once in a while.

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