[Vocabulary] 거듭되다

거듭되다 (geo-deub-dwi-da) – repeat

This word is usually used in the adverb form (거듭되는) and is quite similar to 반복, which also means repeat.


숙제 실수가 거듭되지 않으려고 하고 싶어서 많이 연습했어.
I wanted to not repeat my mistakes in my homework so I practised a lot.

김 선생님은 한 수업에 자신의 거듭된 실패를 어떻게 극복한 것에 대해 이야기를 해서 너무 고무적이다.
During one of the classes, Teacher Kim told us her own story about how she overcame repeated failures and it was really inspiring.

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