[Vocabulary] 거절당하다

거절당하다 (geo-jeol-dang-a-da) – refuse/reject

This word can be used in almost any kind of situation to express a refusal or rejection from someone.

You can use it to express a rejection towards employment, love confession or a request.


그 회사가 우리 누나의 계약 갱신을 거절당했는데 나누가 다른 회사에서 취직하고 월급도 올랐어.
That company rejected my elder sister’s renewal contract but she got a job at another company and her salary was also increased.

오늘은 공원에서 어떤 남자가 어떤 여자에게 청혼을 했는데 그녀가 거절당했어.
At the park today, a man proposed to another lady but she rejected him.

요즘은 너무 바빠서 내 가장 친한 친구의 부탁을 아깝게 거절당해야 됐어.
I’ve been really busy recently so sadly, I had to reject my closest friend’s request for help.

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