[Vocabulary] 끼어들다

끼어들다 (ggi-eo-deul-da) – cut in/butt in/interrupt

If you want to express how you or another third party enters a conversation either unwantedly or unexpectedly, you can use 끼어들다.

Another way of using this is to express how you or someone jumps the queue or cut the line.

Examples: 그녀가 우리 대화에 끼어들어서 진짜 짜증나.
She butted into our conversation so it’s really annoying.

어떤 아저시가 행령에 끼어들었을 뿐 만 아니라 큰 소리로 야단도 쳤어.
Some middle-aged uncle not only jumped the queue but also made a big fuss in a loud voice.

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