[Vocabulary] 넘치다

넘치다 (neom-chi-da) – overflow/brim

You can use this word to describe non-tangible things like energy, fitness, confidence, etc.

For tangible things, 넘치다 is usually used to describe liquids like water but you can use it to describe solids like food as well.


우리 할아버지와 할머니는 이미 80살인데 아직도 기운이 넘쳐 보이네.
Our grandfather and grandmother are already 80 years old but they still look like they’re brimming with energy.

내 컵을 너무 가득 채워서 콜라가 넘쳤어.
My cup was filled so full that the cola overflowed.

아까 자신이 넘치는 여자가 누군지 잘 모르겠지만 그녀의 몸매가 진짜 짱이네.
I don’t really know who that girl with overflowing confidence is but her body is seriously amazing.

설날 첫날마다 우리 집에 식탁은 엄마 직접 만든 음식이 첨쳐서 너무 행복해.
On every first day of the Korean New Year, our dining table will overflow with Mom’s homecooked food so I would feel very blessed.

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