[Vocabulary] 달리 말해서

달리 말해서 (dal-li mal-ae-seo) – to put it differently/in other words

Just learned this today from Talk To Me In Korean’s YouTube channel!

This is a very useful phrase for everyday conversations and I thought of sharing this.

You can use this to reiterate or explain an idea to someone who didn’t understand the first or previous explanation.

달리 comes from 다르다, which means “different”. 달리하다 means “to be different” but here, you can look at it as an adverb to describe the verb 말하다.

Therefore, when you put the words together, the phrase translates to “to say it differently” or “in other words”.


그 남자가 그녀가 없이 인생은 의미 없는 것 같아. 달리 말해서 그 남자가 그녀를 좋아한고요.
That man seems to have no meaning in life if she wasn’t in his life. In other words, he said that he likes her.

연예인들은 열애할 때마다 매체에게 우리는 더 알게 되는 단계 중인다고 해. 달리 말해서 그녕 열애하고 있어.
Every time when celebrities date, they would tell the media, “we are in the phase of getting to know each other better”. In other words, they are just in love.

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