[Vocabulary] 덥석

덥석 (deob-seok) – (gripped/grabbed/clasped/grasped) firmly/suddenly

Because this is an adverb, we would always see 덥석 accompanied by an action verb.

Most of the time, the verb that follows 덥석 will be either gripped, grabbed, clasped, grasped, bit, etc.

Basically, 덥석 is used to describe action verbs that are related to some sort of grip (hands, arms, teeth, clamps, etc).

Most of the time, 잡다 (grab/grip) or 물다 (bite) will be used.


우리 강아지는 송곳니도 생기지 않은데 모두를 덥석 물어.
My puppy hasn’t even grown any canine teeth yet and it’s firmly biting onto everything.

공포 영화를 보면서 여친이 팔을 덥석 잡아서 갑자기 놀랐어.
While watching a horror movie, my girlfriend suddenly gripped onto my arms very tightly so I had a sudden shock.

난 동물원에 처음 갔던 어린 시절 때는 동물들이 너무 커서 엄마의 손을 덥석 잡았어.
During the childhood days when I went to the zoo for the first time, the animals were very huge so I gripped onto my Mom’s hand firmly.

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