[Vocabulary] 때마침

때마침 (ddae-ma-chim) – just in time/perfect timing/at the right moment

This word has about the same function as most other timing words like 지금, 오늘, 이따, 나중에, etc.

As such, you can either place 때마침 at the front of the sentence or before a verb.


때마침 택시가 지나가서 늦지 않을 거라서 다행이야.
택시가 때마침 지나가서 늦지 않을 거라서 다행이야
Fortunately, at the right moment, a taxi/cab came so we wouldn’t be late.

오늘 늦게 나갔는데 우리 삼촌 기차를 타고 가서 회사에 때마침 도착해서 우리 삼촌에게 진짜 고마웠어.
Today, I left house late but I got a ride on my uncle’s car so I reached office just in timeand I was really thankful to my uncle.

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