[Vocabulary] 먹혀들다

먹혀들다 (meo-kyeo-deul-da) – to totally succeed; to be a huge hit/big success

I’m not sure how to break up the words for this word to make sense, if anyone can, please let me know.

Because 먹히다 means to be eaten and 들다 can have many meanings.

But this word can be another way of expressing “대박”, which means a huge hit or success too, just more colloquial and informal.


야 여자친구에게 준 꽃이 잘 먹혀들었지? 그녀가 진짜 행복해 보이네.
Hey, the flowers that you gave to your girlfriend was a huge success, right? She looks really happy.

시험을 잘 봤니? 김 선생님은 가르치는 방법이 절말 먹려든거 같아.
Did you do well for the test? Teacher Kim’s teaching matter seems really effective/successful.

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