[Vocabulary] 발 벗고 나서다

발 벗고 나서다 – throw oneself into a matter (with eagerness)

This phrase is interesting because if you break it down, it makes perfect sense in a way.

발 = leg
벗다 = remove
발 벗다 = be barefooted
나서다 = come forward

Therefore, 발 벗고 나서다 translates to “come forward barefooted”.

In a way, it kind of means that someone is going into the matter without even wearing shoes, showing enthusiasm to say the least.


넌 언제든지 고민이 있다면 내가 꼭 발 벗고 나설게.
Whenever you have any troubles, I’ll surely throw myself into it and help you.

우리 선생님은 어떤 학생들이 무슨 일이 나와도 발 벗고 나서.
Our teacher will throw himself into any matter that any student has.

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