[Vocabulary] 부대끼다

부대끼다 (bu-dae-ggi-da) – to be affected with/by something or someone

You can use this word for illnesses like coughs and flus, and also for people like teachers and creditors.

Another way to translate 부대끼다 is “to be harrassed with/by”, which makes more sense when used for people.

Important note: when affected with/by something like a cold, use 에; when harrassed by a person or living thing, use 에게.


요즘은 날씨가 많이 변화해서 기침에 부대꼈어.
The weather recently changes a lot so I am affected by a cold.

어제 숙제를 내지 않아서 오늘 수업 시간 때 김 선생님에게 부대꼈어.
I didn’t submit my homework yesterday so I was harrassed by Teacher Kim during today’s class.

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