[Vocabulary] 우스갯소리

우스갯소리 (woo-seu-gae-sso-ri)- joke/gag

This phrase is quite similar to 농담 and 장난 in terms of meaning.

You would use 우스갯소리 more often in writing or in sentences.

농담 is usually used as a follow-up response after someone reacts to your joke or prank earlier.

For 장난, you would use it to describe the magnitude or how extreme something is, for example, “that person’s singing is no joke”.


사실 그 남자가 우스갯소리가 진짜 재미없어서 너무 짜증나.
Honestly, that man’s jokes are really not funny so it’s really irritating.

나: 지금 뭘해? 공부지 않아? 내일은 시험이 있거든!
가: 무슨 말이야? 시험이 있다고?
나: 아니야 농담이야 ㅋㅋ

A: What are you doing now? Why aren’t you studying? There’s a test tomorrow!
B: What are you talking about? You said there’s a test?
A: No, I was just kidding ㅋㅋ

지난 주에 세계적인 유명한 가수 비욘세 콘서트에 가서 그녀의 목소리가 진짜 장난 아니야.
Last week, I went to globally famous singer Beyonce’s concert and her vocals are seriously no joke.

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