[Vocabulary] 이리저리 재 보다

이리저리 재 보다 (i-ri-jeo-ri jae bo-da) – to view (a matter) from various angles

This phrase means to “look/view” a matter but it is more like “calculating different aspects” of a matter.

It can have a negative connotation depending on how you phrase it, in which case, it can be considered “scrutinising”.


그 남자가 좋아서 이리저리 재 보지 말고 그냥 한 번 그와 같이 가 봐.
That man is good so don’t scrutinise him, just try going out with him once.

우리 회사가 모든 일도 이리저리 재 보니까 해결하는 방법을 잘 찾을 수 있어.
My company views every matter from various angles so we can find solutions well.

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