[Vocabulary] 일부러

일부러 (il-boo-reo) – intentionally/purposely/specially

Another common phrase that I came across while reading the Naver webtoon series 언터처블.

I also realised that many Koreans (particularly KPop idols and entertainers) use this in TV shows.

I think it’s a useful phrase to learn because I used to use 특히 to express an intentional action or decision.

Both 특히 and 일부러 have very similar meanings but I suppose 일부러 is more commonly used in Korean daily conversations.


일부러 여기 와서 친구를 만나려고 하는데 왜 씹냐?
I purposely came all the way here to meet my friend but why did she ignore me?

그 남자는 한국 여자친구 생겨서 그녀와 더 가깝게 돼서 일부러 한국어를 배웠어요.
That guy got a Korean girlfriend so he intentionally learned Korean to become closer with her.

맨날 아침에는 엄마는 일부러 아침밥을 만들어 줘서 항상 고맙다.
Every morning, my Mom will specially make breakfast for me so I’m always thankful.

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