[Vocabulary] 취향저격

취향저격 (chui-hyang-jeo-gyeok) – (You) got my taste right/I like it a lot

취향 means preference or liking and 저격 means to snipe or shoot well.

If you were to Google translate that or even put it into Naver dictionary, you would get something like preference snipe or something.

In a way, when someone or something snipes your preference or liking, it’s like saying that it got you at your weak/soft spot.

Which can be… translated to “I like it a lot!” or “You’re spot on in getting my preference/liking right!”

An important thing to note, though, this doesn’t apply to food. It’s used exclusively for products or people.

It’s actually quite similar to using “내 스타일” (my style), which is actually more commonly used in KDramas and daily conversations.

But I believe if you were to use “취향저격”, Koreans will probably be impressed :p


와, 이거 취향저격이다! 완전 예쁘네!
Wow, this is just my taste! It’s totally pretty!

그 남자가 딱 내 취향저격이지만 성격이 어때?
That man is just my cup of tea but how is his personality?

올해 엄마 아빠가 주신 옷들은 진짜 내 취향저격이에요! 정말 행복해요.
The clothes that Mom and dad bought for me this year is totally to my liking! I’m really happy.

이 지갑은 딱 좋고 완전 내 취향저격이야! 어떻게 알아?
This wallet is really just great and totally suited to my preference! How did you know?

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