[Vocabulary] 코 앞에 닥쳐도

코 앞에 닥쳐도 (ko a-pe dak-cheo-do) – even as (something) is at one’s nose/even at the last minute/even at the eleventh hour

This is a phrase taught to me by my teacher-cum-mentor.

I feel that it’s a very useful phrase and can be used in many daily life situations.


예전 중학교 때 난 시험이 코 앞에 닥쳐도 공부하고 싶지 않아서 시험 결과 너무 나빴어.
Last time during in middle school, even as the exams were at my nose, I didn’t want to study so my results were bad.

프로젝트 발표회가 코 앞에 닥쳐도 우리 팀 장님은 너무 평정하게 준비하고 잘 주도해서 역시 우리 팀 장님이다.
Even as the project presentation is at our noses, our team captain is able to so calmly prepare and take lead, he’s indeed our team captain.

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