[Vocabulary] 타령

타령 (ta-ryeong) – a series of statements or behaviours that constantly and persistently talk about or demand for something

I found this word while doing the 36th TOPIK II 읽기 past year paper and wanted to share this.

It’s a very useful verb to describe how someone “constantly only talk about or demand for something” regardless of whether it hurts or irritates others.

For example, 돈 타령을 하다 means “to talk about nothing but money” is commonly used to describe a gold digger or habitual gambler.


삼촌은 우리 집으로 올 때마다 항상 돈 타령을 해서 엄마가 진짜 싫어.
Whenever uncle comes to our house, he would always talk about nothing but money so my Mom hates it.

그 친구가 착한 사람인데 학교에서 만나기만 하면 공부 타령을 해서 짜증나.
That friend is a kind person but every time I meet him at school, he would talk about nothing but studies so its irritating.