[Vocabulary] 향긋하다

향긋하다 (hyang-geu-ta-da) – aromatic, sweet

There isn’t much special about this word but I learned about this while reading a Korean novel and just thought it would be nice to have another word to describe scents.

The usual words you would use to describe a pleasant scent would be 냄새가 좋다 or 향기가 좋다.


우리 엄마는 가장 좋아하는 꽃이 바로 향긋한 장미꽃이야.
My Mom’s favourite flower is none other than the aromatic/sweet smelling rose.

오늘은 뉴스에서 레몬은 구두걸이의 좋지 않은 내샘을 사라지고 향긋하게 하는 사실을 알아졌어.
I came to know about the fact that lemons can make the bad smells of shoe racks go away and make the air sweet from the news.

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