안녕하세요! Hey there!

I’m Vance and I’m a Korean learner just like you. I love to read, write and learn, especially languages and self-improvement. I hope you share the same interests! Even if you don’t, it’s perfectly fine. I’ll try to influence you to like it. Or… you could just enjoy your time here as long as you’d like to!

A little background about myself… English and Mandarin (Chinese) are my primary languages because I live in Singapore. I’ve been obsessed with learning Korean since Aug 2014 and I owe much of my knowledge in Korean to Daehan Korean Language Centre (trust me, Mr Harry is really awesome! Oh, and Ms Seung Mireu too, along with the other teachers there).

Anyway, this blog won’t just be about TOPIK, grammar, vocabulary and the likes, but also tips, advice and my experience when studying Korean. Because I believe that learning a language is not just about the technical side but also the emotional side. Language is emotional, at least to me. It is used to express and communicate how we feel.

If you like what I do, you may drop me an email or comment and I’ll try my best to reply as soon as I can. Remember, never think that it is too late to start, regardless of your age or proficiency in Korean.

It’s never too late to start. But now is the time.

You can find me over at my personal blog too!