I’ve decided to blog at least once every day, be it a grammar entry, a vocabulary entry, or a regular blog post.

I want this to become something like a commitment to improving both my writing skills and Korean.

Because I know that when I look back in the future, a year later, two years later, five years later, I will be glad that I made this choice.

In fact, I started blogging since a long time ago but decided to stop because of fear – the fear of failure.

Looking at the last blog post that I wrote on that blog, I’m glad that I actually did start something back then.

It was a good start, but that five years that I’ve stopped can never be replaced.

No doubt what I wrote in the past might not be of much value in terms of being able to help someone, possibly because I wrote it for myself.

This time, it’s different. I want to write for people. For the readers that spend the time to read through this blog to learn something.

This time, it’s purposeful. I think that’s the most important principle in anything that we do. It must be purposeful. You must have a goal in mind when you start anything.

If you do something just because you feel like it, that’s a good start. But you should definitely work with a goal in mind. There aren’t that many years of youth for everyone, so spend them wisely.

It’s never too late to start. But now is the time.

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