[Vocabulary] 간직하다

간직하다 (gan-ji-ka-da) – keep (and cherish)/treasure

This word can be used for tangible things – physical objects – or intangible things – secrets, memories, etc.


우리 친구가 3년 전에 유학하러 미국으로 갔지만 그와 같이 찍었던 사진을 아직도 소중히 간직해.
Our friend went to study abroad in America 3 years ago but we still keep and cherish the picturethat we took with him.

난 중학교 때 같이 놀았던 친구들과 아직도 자주 연락하고 우리 만든 추억을 진짜 간직해.
I’m still contacting the friends who I had played with together during my middle school days and I really treasure the memories we made.

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