[Vocabulary] 게다가

게다가 (ge-da-ga) – besides, furthermore, moreover

게다가 has exactly the same meaning as other transitional/coordinating conjunction words like 그리고, 그외에도, 또한, and a few more.

But this word can be considered as a more elegant word to use. Or you can use this in your speech or writing if you are caught in a position where you’ve used 그리고 one too many times.

Just remember that the same rule applies to 게다가 – it is used to add on another point to the preceding sentence or statement.


우리 엄마 만들 준 김치찌개가 세상에서 제일 맛있어. 게다가 건강에 진짜 좋고.
The kimchi stew that my Mom makes for me is the most delicious in the world. Furthermore, it’s really good for health.

그 선수는 올림픽에서 금메달을 얻고 우리 나라의 자존심을 회복시켰어. 게다가 우리 나라의 첫 금메달이야.
That athlete won a gold medal at the Olympics and helped our country regain our pride. Moreover, it is our first ever gold medal.

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