[Vocabulary] 공백기

공백기 (gong-baek-gi) – (empty/absence) period of time

This word is different from 시간 in that it has the connotation of “emptiness” and “absence” in it.

It is not like “free time” but it’s more like a “lull period” of time or “hiatus”. It is usually used in professional situations or anything to do with work or studies.


짧은 공백기 후에, 건설이 재개되었어.
After a short period of hiatus, the construction resumed.

그 여자는 아이를 갖기 위해 공백기를 갖는 것은 아직 원하지 않는 것 같다.
That lady still doesn’t seem like she wants to have a lull period to have a baby.

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