[Vocabulary] 관두다

관두다 (gwan-du-da) – forget it/give up/quit/done (putting up with it)

First of all, 관두다 is actually a short form of 그만두다, which essentially means the same thing – to quit, give up or stop.

We won’t usually see this in proper writing, only in conversations, chats or Webtoons.

But I still thought this was interesting to share, just because Koreans love to use abbreviations, just like English speakers.

Just know that 관두다 and 관두 (a crisis/critical moment) are different.


이 문제를 해결하려고 한지 이미 2시간 되어서 우리 관두자.
We have been trying to solve this problem for 2 hours, let’s give up.

사랑은 얼마자 힘들지도 두 사람이 진심으로 연애하면 그냥 관두지 않아.
No matter how tough love is, if the two people are sincerely in love, they wouldn’t just give up.

김 선생님은 학생들을 가르치는 것이 얼마나 힘들어도 절대 관두지 않다 진짜 대단해.
Regardless how difficult teaching is, teacher Kim never gives up and she’s really amazing.

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