[Vocabulary] 광빠

광빠 (gwang-bba) – a crazy fan of someone or something

We’ve probably come across this before if we frequent Instiz, Pann or any other forums or netizens hang-out websites.

This is a slang (exclusively) used by fans from say, fandom A, to insult or tease fans from fandom B.

광빠 is used to describe a “crazy fan” who is willing to defend someone or something regardless of whether the person committed a grave mistake or something very controversial.

To give an extreme example, if celebrity A were to commit murder or rape, and his or her fan were to still defend him or her at all costs, netizens and the public would label them as a 광빠.

This is considered a rude term since 광 actually means “crazy”.

I’ve also asked my italki community tutor about this slang word and I learned that anything ending with 빠 basically means a fan of something.

For example, if someone is labelled as a 얼빠, it means that the person is a fan of pretty/handsome faces.

A 몸빠 is a fan of sexy/toned bodies; a 탱빠 is a fan of SNSD’s Taeyeon; and so on.


와 그 여자가 진짜 ㅇㅇ남자 아이돌 광빠이네.
Wow, that girl is really a crazy fan of the male idol XX.

나 정말 아이언맨의 광빠이야, 아이언맨 영화 상영 때 같이 보러 갈래?
I really a huge (crazy) fan of Iron Man, shall we go and watch the Iron Man movie when it screens?

우리 형은 얼빠이야, 예쁜 여성 아이돌들을 다 좋아해.
My elder brother is a fan of pretty faces, he likes all pretty female idols.

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