[Vocabulary] 기획력과 추진력을 갖춘 사람

기획력과 추진력을 갖춘 사람 (gi-hwik-nyeok-gwa chu-jil-lyeo-geul gat-chun sa-ram) – a person with initiative and drive

Let’s first break down the phrase down into its words.

기획 = plan/schedule/design (a plan/schedule)
기획력 = planning capability, which can also mean to have initiative/desire (to plan)
추진 = propel forward/push forward
추진력 = propelling power (for inanimate objects); motivation/drive (for humans)
갖추다 = to possess/to be equipped with (skills/abilities)
사람 = person


여러가지 유명한 회사들은 사장님들을 임명하려면 기획력과 추진력을 갖춘 사람들을 구할겁니다.
Various famous companies would look for people with initiative and drive to appoint as the CEOs.

기획력과 추진력을 갖춘 사람이 되려면 우선 자주 운동해야지.
If you want to become a person with initiative and drive, you should first of all start exercising often.

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