[Vocabulary] 꼼짝도 못 하다

꼼짝도 못 하다 (ggom-jjak-do mo-ta-da) – come to a standstill/unable to move at all

This phrase can be used to express physical immobility or metaphorical immobility.

꼼짝 here kind of means “move”, which explains the translation.


아까 어린들이 너무 놀라서 꼼짝도 못하고 거의 울도 있었어.
Just now, the kids were so scared that they couldn’t move at all and almost cried.

여기서 퇴근 시간 때 길이 너무 복잡해서 약 2시간이나 길에서 꼼짝도 못 해.
Over here, when it’s knock-off time, the roads will be very congested so you wouldn’t be able to move on the road for about 2 hours.

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