[Vocabulary] 나란히

나란히 (na-ran-i) – (doing something) side by side

This adverb is useful when describing any actions that are done by certain people while being side by side.

나란히 is usually used to describe physical situations but it can still be used in situations to describe how closely two parties or more are working together.


우리 어렸을 때 형와 난 나란히 앉고 텔레비전 프로그램을 보면서 간식도 먹었던데.
When we were young, elder brother and I used to sit side by side and watch television programmes while eating snacks.

그 범인은 너무 위험해서 군대와 경찰이 범인을 잡어러 나란히 하고 있어.
That criminal is really dangerous so the army and police are working side by side to catch him.

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