[Vocabulary] 도배

도배 (do-bae) – spam/replaster

도배 is used more often to mean “spam” than “replaster” in most cases, especially on the Internet.

In a way, when you “replaster” certain comments or posts multiple times on your Twitter/FaceBook or any other social media “wall” or “feed”, that’s equivalent to “spam”.

That’s one way to look at it and make sense of 도배.


친구가 내 트위터 타임라인에서 도배해서 좀 짜증한데.
My friend spammed (with the same message over and over) on my Twitter timeline so it was a little irritating.

게시판을 도배하지 말아! 너무 짜증나니까.
Don’t spam the bulletin board (with the same message over and over)! It’s really irritating.

그 웹사이트에서 도배글이 자주 나와서 내 컴퓨터로 방문하지마.
Spam messages appear on that website often so don’t visit it on my computer.

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