[Vocabulary] 돌겠네

돌겠네 (dol-gen-ne) – going crazy/very frustrated

This is a very handy expression and it has a similar meaning as 미치겠다 (I’m going crazy).

돌 by itself means “to spin” or “to turn around” so 돌겠네 kind of means “I’m going to spin (a lot)”.

In a way, when you spin (physically) a lot, you will be very dizzy. You spin so much that you are dizzy and going crazy.


요즘에 나갈 때마다만 비가 와서 진짜 돌겠네.
Recently, it would only rain whenever I leave my house so I’m really going crazy.

아 아기 울기가 너무 시끄러워서 정말 돌겠네.
Ah, the baby’s cries are really so noisy that I’m seriously going crazy.

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