[Vocabulary] 들여다보다

들여다보다 (deu-ryeo-da-bo-da) – look into/peep into

When used with a physical object like a door, keyhole, small opening of sorts, you can think of this word as “peep into” (literally).

However, when used with an intangible object like someone’s mind, heart or thoughts, you can think of this word as “look into” (metaphorically).


난 배가 플 때마다 냉장고 안을 들여다보고 맛있는 간식을 찾아가.
Every time when I’m hungry, I would peep into the refridgerator and find delicious snacks.

오늘은 수업 때 김 선생님은 자신의 인생 이야기를 해서 선생님의 사생활을 들여다봤어.
Today during class, Teacher Kim told her old life story to us so we took a look into her daily life.

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