[Vocabulary] 떠올리다

떠올리다 (ddeo-ol-li-da) – to remember/to think about

This is quite different from 추억팔이, but more of “to remember/think about from memory”, or “plucking something from memory”.

Another way of saying “to remember” about something from memory is “생각이 나다” or just “생각나다”. Read this vocabulary post for a more detailed explanation and comparison.


발표회에서 내 새상품을 도입한 연설을 잠깐 잊었는데 중요한 점을 딱 떠올려서 다행이야.
At the presentation, for a moment I forgot the speech to introduce the new product but fortunately, I managed to clearly thought about the important points.

조용한 곳에서 시험을 보면 공부하고 중요한 것을 잘 떠올릴 수 있어.
If I take the test in a quiet place, I can remember/think of the important things I’ve studied.

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