[Vocabulary] 문자 씹다

문자 씹다 (moon-ja ssip-da) – ignore a text message

I chanced upon this while reading an episode of the Naver webtoon series 언터처블.

씹다 by itself means “to chew” in most cases but when coupled with 문자 (text message/sms), it means to ignore. Many thanks to this Naver blog post.

I found out that most Korean use 씹다 in everyday cases to express “ignoring someone” too but it can be considered as a slang.


아까 여자친구랑 싸워서 2시간 정도 문자를 씹어 짜증나.
I quarrelled with my girlfriend just now so she ignored my text messages for 2 hours and it’s annoying.

왜 자꾸 아기가 많이 울어도 씹냐? 배고프잖아.
Why do you keep ignoring the baby even when he’s crying so much? He’s hungry.

우리 형은 그 여자가 씹든지도 안 포기해서 의지 진짜 강해.
My elder brother is not giving up no matter how much that girl is ignoring him, his will is really strong.

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