[Vocabulary] 싫증을 내다

싫증을 내다 (sil-jeung-eul nae-da) – to be sick of/tired of (something)

You can use this phrase to describe your disgust/contempt/dissatisfaction about something that happened multiple or umpteen times.


우리 형은 모든 것에도 싫증을 내지 않아서 의지가 많은 편이다.
My elder brother doesn’t get sick of anything so he’s the type with a lot of determination.

어떤 일도 오래 시간을 하면 싫증을 낼 것 같아서 사람들이 직업을 전전해.
It seems that people will get tired of jobs that they’ve been working a long time so they would job hop.

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