[Vocabulary] 알아서 돈 잘 벌어다주다

알아서 돈 잘 벌어다주다 (ah-ra-seo don jal beo-reo-da-ju-da) – know how to earn money very well (for someone or some company)

This is a phrase that I’ve learned from a Korean friend while reading some comments on a Naver article. Kudos to her for teaching me the meaning of this phrase!

Let’s break down 알아서 돈 잘 벌어다주다.

알아서 comes from 알다, which means “to know”.
돈 = money
잘 = (to do something) well
벌어다주다 is a combined phrase of 벌다 and 주다.
벌다 = earn (돈 money)
주다 = to give

벌어다주다 means to be able to earn money for someone or some company.


그 걸그룹은 X회사를 알아서 돈 잘 벌어다주니까 그녀들의 뮤직비디오가 너무 잘 나와.
That girl group knows how to earn money very well for company X so their MV came out very well.

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