[Vocabulary] 엄두도 못 내다

엄두도 못 내다 (eom-du-do mot nae-da) – can’t even imagine/can’t even conceive the idea of

This phrase is quite similar to 상상할 수도 없다, which literally means “can’t even imagine”.

Of course, if you use 엄두도 못 내다 instead, your Korean friend or stranger will be quite impressed a foreigner would know this phrase.


우리 서로 아는 친구가 사기꾼인 진실이 드러났지만 지금까지도 엄두도 못 냈어.
The truth about our mutual friend being a con artist was revealed but up till now, I still can’t even conceive the idea of that.

싱가폴에 자동차가 엄두도 못 낼 정도로 비싸서 진짜 부자인 사람들만 살 수 있을 것 같아.
Cars in Singapore are so expensive one can’t even imagine so it seems like only really rich people can buy them.

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