[Vocabulary] 여기다

여기다 (yeo-gi-da) – consider/regard/think

This is quite similar to ~(ㄴ)다고/(이)라고 etc. (reported/quoted speech) 생각한다 but more towards “consider” than “think” or “feel”.

Of course, 여기다 is also a verb so you can attach it to a subject, just like 생각하다.


나 아까 범죄 현장에 있으니 경찰은 내가 범죄용의자라고 여겼어.
I was at the crime scene just now so the police considers me as a criminal suspect.

어젯밤에 우리 회사 행상은 사장님이 대대적인 성공으로 여겨서 다행이네.
It is fortunate that our president considers the company’s event yesterday as a huge success.

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