[Vocabulary] 여러모로 손쓰다

여러모로 손쓰다 (yeo-reo-mo-ro son-sseu-da) – try every possible means/ways

Previously, we looked at 여러모로 (in many various ways) and the uses of that phrase.

Today we look at 여러모로 손쓰다, which literally means “use hands in many various ways” or “try every possible means/ways (with one’s own hands/effort)”.


친구를 탓하지말고 그가 너 때문에 너무 여러모로 손쓰고 고생했어.
Don’t blame your friend, he tried every possible way and went through a lot of pains because of you.

난 포기하고 싶지 않은데 이 문제를 해결하려고 여러모로 손썼어.
I don’t want to give up but I’ve tried every possible means to solve this problem.

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