[Vocabulary] 연달아

연달아 (yeon-da-ra) – continuously one after another

This word might seem like it needs to be conjugated or there is a plain form but it works just like any other adverbs.

Therefore, you can just attach 연달아 to any verb and it works perfectly.


그 학생은 네 학기를 연달아 반 1위 자리를 잡아서 진짜 대단해.
That student grabbed first place in class for four consecutive semesters, she’s really amazing.

지번 주에 엄마가 집에 계시지 않아서 우리는 나흘을 연달아 비빔밥을 먹었다.
Mom wasn’t here last week so we ate bibimbap for four consecutive days.

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