[Vocabulary] 용기를 북돋우다

용기를 북돋우다 (yong-gi-reul book-do-doo-da) – encourage

This phrase kind of have the same meaning as [Vocabulary] 격려 + 하다, which also means “to encourage”.

It’s hard to say which one is simpler because both are not commonly used. 응원하다, which means “to cheer on (someone)” is more commonly used and easier in general.

Nevertheless, to break down the words:

용기 = courage
북돋우다 = to earth up (a plant)/to raise (courage)

In a sense, “to raise courage” kind of literally means “encourage”, “to earth up (a plant)” is just a good-to-know fact.


우리 기분 나빠진 친구에게 밥을 사 주고 용기를 북돋워라!
Let’s treat our friend who is in a bad mood to a meal and encourage him!

어젯밤에 본 영화는 진짜 용기를 북돋워 줘서 재미있는 것 같아.
The movie that I watched yesterday really encouraged me so it seemed very interesting to me.

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