[Vocabulary] 전적으로

전적으로 (jeon-jeo-geu-ro) – completely/entirely/absolutely

This word is very similar to 완전하게 (adverb form of 완전) but quite different from 그야말로 in that the latter is more of exaggerating the matter at hand.

You can use 전적으로 to express “I can’t agree with you more (I completely agree with you)” or “I can’t accept this in any way (I completely disagree with you)”.

You can also use 전적으로 to express how much you support or oppose someone’s efforts.


부모님은 우리 뭐든지도 전적으로 지지하고 항상 믿어 주셔서 부모님한테 진짜 고마워.
Out parents completely support whatever we do and always believe in us so we are really grateful to them.

우리 그 친구에게 쉬운 부탁을 승낙하려고 여러모로 손쓰지만 지금도 전적으로 반대해서 귀찮아.
We tried every possible means to make that friend agree to our simple request but he is still absolutely against it up till now so it’s tiresome.

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