[Vocabulary] 줄어들다

줄어들다 (joo-reo-deul-da) – decrease/diminish/lessen/shrink

While there are many slightly different meanings for this word, the essence of the word’s meaning is “to become lesser”.

With that in mind, 줄어들다 can be used for anything that can be measured quantitatively.


요즘은 싱가폴 텔레비전 프로그램이 너무 지루해서 시청자들이 줄어들었어.
Recently, Singapore’s television programmes have been very boring so the viewership decreased.

세계의 자원이 급속히 줄어들지 하려면 환경 친화적인 상품을 더 사용해야지.
If we want to not diminish the world’s natural resources rapidly, we have to use more of environmentally-friendly products.

지하철을 타가갈 때마다 핸드폰 인터넷 속도가 꼭 줄어들어서 진짜 짜증나.
Every time when I’m on the subway, my handphone’s Internet speed will surely decrease so it’s very irritating.

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