[Vocabulary] 지속적인

지속적인 (Ji-sok-jeo-gin) – continuous, unchanged, lasting

지속적인 is slightly different from 계속하게 in that 지속적인 is more of describing something that is constant.

지속적인 is to describe something is continuing to be unchanged and last for a long time. This is more of a passive kind of adverb. 지속적인 would usually be used to describe nouns or verbs in the noun form.

계속하게, on the other hand, is used more often to express something that has connection with another thing. This is more of an active kind of adverb. 계속하게 would usually be used to describe action verbs.


우리 가족들끼리 지속적인 관계는 아마 맨날 같이 식사하기 때문이다.
The lasting relationship among our family could perhaps be because we eat together everyday.

이 약은 정말 강하니 적어도 6시간 정도 지속적인 안도감이 날 거예요.
This medicine is really strong so it will give a lasting sense of relief for at least up to 6 hours.

ㅇㅇ대학교의 학생들의 지속적인 봉사활동을 위한 동기와 만족도에 관한 연구를 하고 있어요.
I’m working on a research regarding the motivation and satisfaction behind XX University student’s continuous and lasting volunteer work.

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