[Vocabulary] 직성이 풀리다

직성이 풀리다 (jik-seong-i pool-li-da) – to be satisfied

While this phrase has the meaning “to be satisfied” or “to be gratified”, this phrase is usually used in negative situations.


우리 아빠는 뭐든지 자신이 직접 해야만 직성이 풀려.
Only if my Dad does everything himself will he be satisfied.

그 학생은 무든 시험이 잘 봐도 직성이 풀리지 않을 것 같아.
It seems like that no matter how well she does for her tests, she won’t be satisfied.

In a way, you can see that this phrase is used to describe how stubborn or inflexible a person is.

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