[Vocabulary] 행보

행보 (haeng-bo) – move (noun)

This word might seem very simple but it’s quite interesting.

According to the Naver dictionary, when used with “life” 인생 행보, it means “one’s walk of life”.

While the translation seems weird, think of 행보 to have strategic elements in it. You can look at it as “life’s moves”, which kind of means the journey of your life.

But we want to focus on 행보 itself in the examples. Look at 행보 as a word usually used in conjunction with professional work or decisions.


사실은 우리 회사는 중국에서 본사를 옮기는 것이 진짜 현명한 행보예요.
To be honest, our company shifting its headquarters to China is really a wise move.

김 사장은 그 동료와 차본히 문제에 대한 일을 얘기하는 것이 좋은 행보예요.
CEO Kim talking to that colleague calmly about that problem is a good move.

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